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Looking for help with anxiety or phobias?

Is your anxiety or phobia ruining your life? Or maybe it's just getting in the way...

Either way - would you dearly like to be free of it?

Hypnotherapy has a proven track record of helping to alleviate anxiety and phobias.

Together we can look for the cause, ease the symptoms and free you to live your life happily and with new confidence, looking forward to the future.

Hypnotherapists are trained to help you to rid yourself of all kinds of fears, anxieties and phobias. Fear can stop you getting the dental treatment you need, going on nice holidays to places which involve flying to get there; getting on in your career because you can't face exams - just to mention a few of the obvious areas.

These unneeded fears often come from your subconscious mind which is trying to protect you. Often this starts with some event, perhaps way back in childhood, which seemed very shocking at the time (even though it might not to the adult you) and which you may even have long since forgotten. But your subconscious mind has got stuck and is still trying to protect you from something which may no longer be a problem.

Using hypnotherapy we can retrain the subconscious mind to let go of these reactions which you no longer need and replace them with a new confidence in yourself and your abilities.

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Hypnotherapy Clinics in Exeter and Exmouth

If you live in Devon you can come for hypnotherapy at my Hypnotherapy Clinics in Gandy Street, Exeter and Exmouth Osteopathy Clinic, 14 High Street, Exmouth.

You can come and see me as a hypnotherapist right in the centre of Exeter within easy reach of several major car parks, Central Station and all the shops and cafes. Alternatively, if Exmouth works better for you, I am easy to find, close to car parks, 10 minutes walk from the station and not far from the beach.

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