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Need some help to quit smoking?

"I so much want to stop smoking but I just can't seem to give up..."

Well - now you can!

Hypnotherapy can help you to live happily without nicotine.

Hypnotherapy can show you how to enjoy life without smoking.

And at the same time hypnotherapy can help you to relax and de-stress.

You can have a healthier lifestyle, more money to spend on other things, no more being sent out to shiver in the cold and wet while you have a smoke. Look better, feel better.

Hypnotherapy can help you to give up smoking with little or no withdrawal symptoms and avoiding weight gain.

Research indicates that hypnotherapy can be three times more effective than patches and fifteen times more effective than will power alone!

The New Scientist published the results of an analysis by the University of Iowa of 600 studies involving 72,000 people comparing methods of quitting smoking which showed that hypnotherapy was the most effective way to give up smoking.

A study of 71 smokers showed that after two years those who used hypnotherapy were twice as likely to remain non-smokers as those who tried to do it by will power alone. Journal of Nursing Scholarship CA Wynd 2005

Most smokers need only two sessions to stop but further sessions are available if needed.
Includes prescription CDs to use for a short time each day to re-inforce the treatment and help you to relax and live happily without smoking.

E-cigarettes contain cancer-causing chemicals
03 February 2014
E-cigarettes seem like a safer option compared to the real thing, but they are unregulated products that contain at least 19 harmful chemicals, including several that are cancer-causing, a scientist has warned.

The e-cigarettes also contain propylene glycol, which produces the ‘smoke’, but is a hazard if inhaled. However, studies have never been carried out to see what harm it does to the lungs at the concentrations delivered by the products, although America’s National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health lists it as a risk and recommends immediate fresh air if it is inhaled.

Concerns about the fake cigarettes have been voiced by Philip McAndrew, of the Loyola University health system. He describes e-cigarettes as “a wolf in sheep’s clothing” that needs to be regulated. “People think it’s a safe alternative to cigarettes, but the reality is we really don’t know,” he said. One American city isn’t waiting to find out. Chicago has decided to apply the same regulations to e-cigarettes as it already does to cigarettes. They are kept behind the counter and proof of age has to be produced.

McAndrew, who helps people quit smoking, says there are better ways of replacing cigarettes, especially as e-cigarettes are still delivering high quantities of nicotine to the body.

(Source: Loyola University health system website)

Pay the same for two sessions as many therapists charge for one!
It is common to provide only one stop smoking session and to charge more for this single session - but I believe the job can be done more thoroughly in two sessions and I charge my normal prices. Should additional sessions be needed these are also at the same price I charge for other hypnotherapy.

Stop Smoking #01

On average smoking can knock 16 years off your life expectancy. When you stop smoking your body cleans itself up and a lot of the damage can be repaired.

Ok, I'm convinced - where can I get some help now to quit smoking?

Hypnotherapy Clinics in Gandy Street, Exeter and Exmouth Osteopathy Clinic, 14 High Street, Exmouth

You can come and see me as a hypnotherapist right in the centre of Exeter at my clinic in Gandy Street within easy reach of several major car parks, Central Station and all the shops and cafes. Alternatively, if Exmouth works better for you, I am easy to find, close to car parks, 10 minutes walk from the station and not far from the beach.

Make it easy for yourself - get some help now to quit smoking!

Ring 07986 157854 or 01392 412767 to find out more or book an appointment - it's as easy as that!

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